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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Jordan

The Peace Corps has temporarily suspended its program in Jordan. Please click here to read more. 

This site was created to share Peace Corps experiences and resources with others. Peace Corps Volunteers have been working and living in Jordan since 1997. Since then, Peace Corps Volunteers have worked to address the specific needs of Jordan, its people and its resources.

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  • LARGEST CITY – Amman
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S) – Arabic (primary), English (secondary)
  • AREA (KM2) – 92,300 km2
  • POPULATION – 6,316,000
  • GDP – US$ $32.416 billion
  • CURRENCY – Jordanian Dinar


Jordanians are generous and proud to share anything and everything they have. If you visit Jordan, expect to leave with a whole new group of lifelong friends and family. Caitlin Volunteer in Jordan